Monday 3 October 2011

A Host of Golden Oldies and a Diamond

Had a wonderful morning with people you might call the Golden Oldies of Television – though please don’t tell them that’s how I have described them!

For my radio show, I hosted a sort of House Party – but in someone else’s house! It was in the rather beautiful and friendly, warm home of TV impresario and musical director Laurie Holloway. He was the top musical director at London Weekend TV when it made those huge Light Entertainment shows, like the Michael Parkinson Show, Blind Date, Game for a Laugh and Beadle’s About.  He also was Musical Director for the first three series of Strictly Come Dancing on the BBC – and, as you can imagine, he know everyone who’s anyone!

So Laurie invited a few friends around for lunch and a sing-song – including Rolf Harris, Wendy Craig, Parky and even Kenny Lynch – who still has a fantastic voice.

It was, of course, impossible to get much serious interviewing done since Rolf had brought along his wobble board and two didgeridoos and so everyone inevitably broke into renditions of “Two Little Boys” and “Tie Me Kangaroo Down”; brilliant fun.

Do they make TV like that anymore? I think not – but they should! 

Those sort of Golden Oldies should never be cashed in – but if you do indeed have any old gold of a less precious kind – then don’t forget you always can get your best price by getting yourself a envelope and seeing what the experts say.

Make your Gold work for you!

Get cash for gold today!


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