Thursday 23 February 2012

Payday Loans

I did a really astonishing interview the other day with one of my favourite financial experts, who warned about the hidden hazards of taking out one of those short-term, high interest loans called "payday loans".

He gave the amazing example that, if you took out a payday loan for £100, you'd owe approx £340 by the end of the month, since most of them attract an interest rate of about 4000 per cent APR. After a year, you'd owe over four thousand pounds. After five years, and after accumulating interest upon interest upon interest, you'd actually owe a debt of £11,585,620,000. That's over 11 billion pounds. 

I know those sorts of loan are not meant for the long term, but I can just imagine some people finding them almost impossible to pay back after just one month, and so letting it roll over into another. Beware, is all I can say, lest you end up owing enough to bail out a Eurozone country out of debt!

It's worth remembering, if you are hard up, particularly as you face the New Year, that you may have hidden money in your jewellery drawer. Have you considered the financial benefits gained when you sell gold?

Unwanted, old, broken or just tired bits of gold could fetch you a tidy little sum if you pop it into a envelope and send it off for a quote.

It's as easy as that. Within a day or so, you'll have a PGFC expert on the line making you an offer. You don't have to accept it, but you'll undoubtedly find it's the best price. Within hours, you could have cash in hand.

Far better than a loan of any sort!

Winning the lottery!

Everyone around me is checking their handbags, down the back of their sofas and inside every pocket because we've all heard that someone in our local area has won the lottery but failed to pick up their winnings because, presumably, they've lost that precious piece of paper.

I do that all the time - buy a ticket when I'm at the corner shop, then totally forget all about it. Months later, I find it all screwed up on the floor of the car, and wonder, if it were still legible, whether it would prove to be my passport to a new life.

So is it me this time? I fear not. But my entire production team at my radio station and I are happily dreaming of what we'd do with an instant million quid. Not turning up at work tomorrow would be first move, I reckon!

 If you fancy a smaller, but much more attainable, sum of money - try looking down the back of your sofa for any old piece of gold jewellery (like lone single earrings!) and sending them off to instead.

They'll give you a cash for gold quote on gold, silver or other precious metals and stones, and it's a quick, simple process that could give you a handy fistful of notes instead of just lying uselessly around!