Friday 5 August 2011

Olympic Gold!

Only a year to go before the Olympics! Did you see the unveiling of the Medals? Obviously each Olympic Games produces its own tailor-made designs and the London ones have been designed by a Londoner and pressed at the Royal mint in Wales.
The gold, silver and bronze medals, which were created by esteemed metalwork designer David Watkins, are 85mm in diameter and 7mm thick, weighing between 375-400g. The front of all summer Olympic medals show images of Nike, the Greek Goddess of Victory. For the reverse, there are five symbolic elements including the River Thames representing London and a dish depicting an amphitheatre.
I’m still not particularly struck by the 2012 logo itself, but the medals themselves looked wonderful and there isn’t an athlete in the world who now doesn’t want to get their hands on at least one of them – it’s an astonishing thought!
And wasn’t it wonderful to hear London Mayor Boris Johnson telling the world that our preparations are coming in on time, and on budget and that we could almost go ahead tomorrow? He can be so entertaining that if talking was an Olympic event, he'd surely nab the gold medal himself.
It all made me very proud. This time next year, it’ll be the start of the 30th modern Olympics, putting us firmly at the center of world events (think of it as 17 royal weddings in a row!). In numerical terms, 14,700 competitors from 205 nations will be taking part in what's called the greatest show on earth.
Don’t forget – if you’ve got a very different sort of gold – the sort that has lost its meaning to you and would be better working for you than lying around doing nothing like scrap gold, get it valued by gold buyers there’s never been a better time!