Thursday 17 November 2011

Another fantastic week on "The Wright Stuff"

Just had another fantastic week on The Wright Stuff. It was a week of first meetings for me. 

Never met Scott Capurro before – my goodness – what a character! Nor did I know the prolific author, the Queen of Crime Fiction, Martina Cole. Her book, “Dangerous Lady” made her famous at 21, and since then she’s sold millions. 

Her tales are the most requested books in prison libraries – and the most stolen! Her own background is a real rags-to-riches story – she’s lived a hand-to-mouth existence as a single mother, slept on floors and in hostels, and seen crime from the street-view, which is perhaps why her stories are so gutsy. 

Now, she’s a multi-millionaire, and you cannot begrudge her that success. She’s done it all herself, through sheer determination and self-belief and, of course, a huge talent for story-telling. 

Not so for another new acquaintance made at the end of the week – a young lady who’s been given her own “fly on the wall” reality show, and I couldn’t help wondering why on earth she’d want it. She’s Tamara Ecclestone, daughter of Bernie, the F1 magnate; and a very rich young lady indeed. In fact, she’s known for little else. That and her taste for bling and what they now call “haut-chav” which I think means Paris Hilton-style fashion sense. 

If I had that much money, I just don’t think I’d want to flaunt it on TV, especially when the majority of viewers are losing their jobs, their pensions, or both. But that’s perhaps what makes entertaining TV nowadays. If her show succeeds, will it be because viewers feel envy or pity? 

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