Friday 23 September 2011

Back to School - Sell gold and fund school things!

I’ve always hated that time of year when the shops start to emblazon their windows with huge banners bleating “Back to School!” as though this was something to be celebrated.

I actually quite enjoyed school myself, but no-one, not even the happiest student, wants to accept the end of the summer holidays, of lazy mornings and homework-free evenings, and face the daily grind of  pulling on your uniform, traipsing off to catch the bus and face a day of lessons and revolting school dinners, do they? I could never understand why the high street thought it was a good time of year. I remember my mum saying “one day you’ll understand” and now, of course, I do.

Every mum in the land looks forward to at last being able to get ahead of things again, to finally clear up the kids’ bedrooms, to have the house look tidy for a few hours a day, to have time to clear the chaos.

For millions of working mothers, of course, the school holidays are a logistical nightmare and that’s why school is welcome, even though you love having the kids around. At least school gives you a schedule, a routine that everyone has to stick to.

If your priority is getting organised at last, then perhaps have a clearout? And don’t forget, if you still have unwanted jewellery lying around doing nothing; send it in to buys all of your scrap gold for excellent prices.

You might get enough to buy this term’s new school shoes!

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