Friday 25 February 2011

The Most Bizarre Items That Have Been Sent to Post Gold For Cash!

Here at Post Gold for Cash we often get some unusual items sent to us, but its all part of the reason why we love our job! Each week brings a new fascinating item that our assessors have to value – some of which are trickier than others. The number of weird and wonderful items sent to us since we launched into the UK gold buying market has confirmed how easy it is to pop any shaped item into our free gold selling pack and send it off to us. (And, if your instinct is telling you that it’s worth a fair bit, you can add extra insurance for the package for anything worth £500 or more by paying a couple of pounds – which we’ll refund you for anyway.)

One of the most sparkly hidden treasures sent to us was the ‘Prince Charming’ frog we received. This frog was encrusted with 18 carat diamonds and enamelling; a true rarity. It’s safe to say the customer who sent this item was very happy with the gold for cash sum they received!

Another one of the most beautiful and romantic items sent to us was a breathtaking antique 18 carat gold locket with an original love letter enclosed. This dated back to the 1900s and amongst its gold value was a true sentimental value. However, our customer had thought long and hard about it and was happy to sell this in return for cash. They felt it was much better than being sat in a draw where no one could admire it.

On the stranger side of things, we received a dental retainer! This may sound absurd but there was silver within this retainer which we were able to value and offer the customer a great price for. We regularly accept dental gold and silver, so if your gold tooth falls out or needs replacing then send it to us! Selling gold has never been so easy and the list of things we accept has never been so diverse.

Nothing is too big, small, strange or weird for us, so if you want to sell gold what are you waiting for? If you send us something bizarre you could get mentioned in our blog!