Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Addictive online game could net players £250

Bosses beware! Wiling away time on the internet just reached a new and exciting level.

We are extremely pleased to be launching their brand new highly addictive “Gold Rush” game. This light-hearted and eye-catching game could net customers and visitors to the site £250 while being a thrilling, exhilarating race against the clock!

“Gold Rush” enables customers to search for gold in a river using a gold sifting pan. The aim is to find and bank as much gold as possible, while quickly throwing away any rocks found in the pan.

The higher the gold haul, the higher the score the player receives. However, the player must beware of the dastardly rocks; discarding these will take up valuable time.

The player only has one minute to collect as much gold as physically possible, so being quick off the mark is vital.

“Gold Rush” is hugely addictive and will give players hours of fun as they try to get the highest possible score in one minute. As well as this, the game is one hundred percent FREE. It can be found at http://www.postgoldforcash.com/goldrush.

We absolutely love this game and have massive confidence in its addictive appeal, we have incentivised it even more by saying that the person who gets the highest score by 30th April 2011 will win £250!

How to play the game: click on a floating pan, use the left and right arrows on the keyboard to shake the pan out and search for that lucrative gold, and hit the down arrow to keep any gold you find. If you find rocks, hit the up button to discard them.

Good luck!

PostGoldForCash cannot be held in any way responsible for the loss of working hours caused by the sheer awesomeness of “Gold Rush”.

To find out more about selling gold and how increased gold prices can benefit you, visit the PostGoldForCash website today!

Selling gold to PostGoldForCash couldn’t be more convenient, all you have to do is request a free gold selling pack from the website, send your gold in and wait for the offer. Sending gold in is free and PostGoldForCash will then contact you with an offer. In the highly unlikely event you are unhappy with the offer; PostGoldForCash will send the gold back to you completely free of charge


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