Friday 14 January 2011

My Good Deed for the Day

After Christmas, the lovely lady behind the deli counter at my local supermarket forked a large barbecued chicken for me, hesitated, looked at me thoughtfully and asked "Does that Gold thing work?"

She meant Post Gold for Cash,. She said she'd seen me talking about it on the TV over the festive season.

"Why?" I asked.

"Well," she said. "I'm dreading my credit card bills. I spent far too much on the kids over Christmas and I'm just wondering whether I should give it a go?"

"Give what a go?" I asked. By this time we'd attracted a small crowd of shoppers who'd realised that Anne Diamond was in town, buying a chicken for her tea. Wow! I lead such a glamorous life!

The lady went on to explain, that (just like she'd heard me saying on TV), she had a jewellery box full of bits and pieces, including a couple of nice bits of old gold. And she never wore them anymore. And her daughters didn't like them. So could she sell her cash for gold, perhaps, using the money to pay off some of her bills and reduce the worry she was experiencing?

"Does it work?" she asked - as though I might give her an "inside story"!

I was happy to tell her what I say to everyone - that gold prices have never been so high - which means she might get a very good price indeed for her trinkets.

I also told her that the value of these old trinkets was of more use to her in hard cash than in useless bits and pieces in the bottom of her drawer. After all, what's the point of worrying about money if you have an old earring or necklace that could help you pay off those Christmas debts (Or even an unwanted piece of jewellery that you got for Christmas!)

My last bit of advice to her was that Post Gold for Cash is just one of several companies offering cash for your scrap gold - but that I could, hand on heart, say it was proven to be the best and that she was likely to get a really good offer. Most importantly, she could shop around anyway, and take the best offer.

That's what she's going to do. When she does decide to sell her gold for cash, I'll be happy to spill the beans if she gets anything other than the best price from PostGoldForCash.