Thursday, 23 February 2012

Winning the lottery!

Everyone around me is checking their handbags, down the back of their sofas and inside every pocket because we've all heard that someone in our local area has won the lottery but failed to pick up their winnings because, presumably, they've lost that precious piece of paper.

I do that all the time - buy a ticket when I'm at the corner shop, then totally forget all about it. Months later, I find it all screwed up on the floor of the car, and wonder, if it were still legible, whether it would prove to be my passport to a new life.

So is it me this time? I fear not. But my entire production team at my radio station and I are happily dreaming of what we'd do with an instant million quid. Not turning up at work tomorrow would be first move, I reckon!

 If you fancy a smaller, but much more attainable, sum of money - try looking down the back of your sofa for any old piece of gold jewellery (like lone single earrings!) and sending them off to instead.

They'll give you a cash for gold quote on gold, silver or other precious metals and stones, and it's a quick, simple process that could give you a handy fistful of notes instead of just lying uselessly around!


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