Wednesday 25 May 2011

Just missed out on the Gold!

Just been at the biggest awards ceremony in the radio industry calendar - the Sony Radio Awards - they're like the Oscars in my industry.

Everyone who was anyone in radio was there - from Danny Baker to Tony Blackburn, John Humphreys to Simon Mayo. Chris Evans was hosting the event, and did the job fast and furiously as he guided the star-studded audience through what felt like hundreds and hundreds of categories.

I was nominated for "Speech Broadcaster of the Year" for my radio show on BBC Radio Berkshire, up against the likes of Radio 5's  Victoria Derbyshire and Radio 2's Jeremy Vine. They got, respectively, silver and gold and I got the bronze but was actually very proud to walk away with anything at the end of the evening, and I drove home happily clutching my bronze and Perspex plaque.

Not quite heavy enough to use as a doorstop, though. They don't make 'em like they used to. Years ago, when I won a TV Personality of the Year Award (from TV or Radio Times, I think), it served as a doorstop for the downstairs loo for many a year until the dog ran off with it between his jaws and buried it in the garden, where it slowly rusted.

I mention this is no disrespect whatever to the award itself. It's wonderful to win awards - but you can't really bung them in a cabinet in the living room, can you? Everyone in the family would think you were showing off.

Lots of people I know put them in the loo, where you can show them off in a self-deprecating sort of way. It worked quite well until the dog had other ideas! But if you don't know what to do with your old treasures, try selling gold for cash and getting them valued by the experts.

You might find they're worth a bob or two, and that the cash is much more handy than letting them go rusty and unloved!

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