Wednesday 25 May 2011

Going for Gold at Chelsea!

Everyone was going for gold at the Chelsea Flower show this week.

The sun came out, the winds blew and I donned my Sunday best for the first day of the event -Press Day when all the world's photographers gather in London SW3 for this highlight of the horticultural calendar.

Straightaway I bumped into hypnotist Paul McKenna who was there with his mum, Joan, singer Will Young, comedian Bill Bailey and talk show host Sir Michael Parkinson with his wife Mary. And that was just in the first few yards of the showground.

Every year, Chelsea attracts thousands of visitors, and provides headlines and colourful photographs for the national papers. This year the great story was the colour gold - it was everywhere from delphiniums to rhododendrons, anemones to azaleas. The whole four acre site was splashed with gold - particularly combined with purple.

According to the experts that was this year's trend. Difficult, though, for the daffodil growers and showers - because this year, due to the unseasonably warm climate, all of our daffs had bloomed early. Many exhibitors have had their daffs in fridges for the last couple of weeks, and only got them out at the last minute in order to show them at Chelsea.

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