Tuesday 14 June 2011

The Oscars of the Medical World

I gave away gold this week – and was proud to do so! 

It’s amazing how many seriously brilliant ideas are based on technology which has actually been developed for computer gaming. I was at a big awards do – at what used to be the Billingsgate Fish market on the banks of the river just up from Tower Bridge in London. 

There’s now not even the slightest whiff of fish – it’s a super huge and very plush exhibition hall and banqueting venue called “Old Billingsgate”. Very nice. But this ceremony, dubbed “The Oscars of the medical world” and sprinkled generously with celebrities, was to celebrate the best of Britain’s inventors and innovators in the medical world. 

One of the winners featured an interactive exercise programme for cardiac patients – so they could, over the internet and with Wii-style hand devices, follow very detailed and specific movements designed to be good for their  heart. 

Another award, which I was there to present, was a baby breathing monitor which simply “watches” (rather like the scanning device in the new Xbox Kinect) a baby’s chest and can tell whether it is breathing well. Nothing touches the baby! I was proud to give the inventors their gold award. 

Hugely valuable to them, cos now they’re looking for funding to develop their idea commercially. Just in case you want to get your hands on the money, too, don’t forget you can still cash in your old gold for useful money. 

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