Monday 21 March 2011

Where to Look for Hidden Gold

Adventure stories dating back decades and even centuries have depicted the search for gold, one of the most precious metals in existence. Gold, even scrap gold has been held up as the answer to life’s problems, mythologized in ancient cultures and even worshipped.

Even Enid Blyton’s first Famous Five book had the Five looking for gold that had been hidden in an old castle in Devon for centuries. The thrilling nature of this book and the happy ending is evidence that even in the 20th century, a hundred years after the California gold rush, people were still fascinated by gold and what it could do to their lives.

This post will discuss hidden gold and places to find it! Who knows, you might change your life.

• Eagle (Alaska) – This was a key place in the gold rush of the nineteenth century, there are still legends that say there is lots of buried gold under the now abandoned dwellings there.

• Stevenston – This Scottish town could be the unlikely hiding place of yet more gold. There are many local legends that a ship from the Spanish Armada was lured here and looted – and that the ship was carrying ingots of Spanish gold. This gold is said to have been buried in a safe place and never seen since.

• Oklahoma – Three Forks in Oklahoma has long been the subject of excited whispers and rumours, this is because it was a large trading post in the early nineteenth century. Rumours still exist of a hidden cache of gold buried by hunted outlaws at the dead of night.

There are many legends around the world depicting lost treasures. However you can find treasures in your own home. Anyone looking to sell gold they find in their homes will get the best price for gold here at!


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