Thursday, 10 March 2011

Don’t forget; We don’t JUST buy gold

There is a common misconception that we at only buy gold coins, ingots and necklaces and don’t branch out from these. However, as well as your usual items like gold rings, chains, pendants and other scrap gold items, we also buy lots of different gold artefacts and treasures.

We have a diverse customer base and like to reflect that in the items we accept. You would be very surprised at the items that have been sent to us in the past! Customers who like to sell gold for cash have been very surprised and happy to find that we are very flexible with regards to what they can send in to us.

You may not know that we buy gold:

• Brooches – we accept your beautiful brooches even if they are rusty, broken or unfashionable. However, we do ask that our customers kindly remove any stones.

• Jewellery that is broken or tangled – we will happily accept items that are broken, tangled, rusty or tarnished.

• Antique watches – feel free to send in your antique watches to us. We’ll happily buy them from you and give you a great price.

• Cigarette lighters – we have received a few of these beautiful items in the post.

• Cigarette cases: Gold and silver cigarette cases were the height of fashion decades ago and there are still some in use today. However they are also likely to be languishing in a cabinet or attic. Dig yours out and send it in, we will be happy to give you an excellent price.

• Teeth! – If you are due to have your gold teeth or crowns replaced, be sure to ask the dentist to give you the tooth or crown back. We’ll buy them from you.

Don’t forget that we also buy diamonds and gemstones. It doesn’t matter if they are old and past their best, we will happily buy them from you.

To find out more about, how to sell gold and the wide range of things we buy, please visit the rest of the site.

We are well respected gold buyers that give customers the best price for gold.


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