Monday 7 March 2011

Valentine's Day - the Perfect Time for a Sentimental Clear Out

Hope you had a happy Valentine's Day. It's one of those dates, isn't it, when you review your life, because either you have an on-going relationship (and you ponder its health) or you wonder why you don't!

For that reason, apparently, it's at this time of year when there are a lot of break-ups. And, the ologists tell us, one of the best ways to have closure is to get rid of the things that remind you of your ex.

Perhaps in better times, you would hang onto the jewellery your partner gave you - and just fling it into a drawer and forget it. But nowadays, who can afford to do that? Get closure, I say, and get some money too! Rid yourself of the bad memories and earn yourself a treat. Nowadays its easy with Post Gold For Cash - you can just pop it in an envelope and wait for the phone call from Postgoldforcash with a cash offer for your scrap gold.

I was interviewing a life coach on my radio programme who said that men are more likely than women to get rid of old gifts and bits and pieces that used to have sentimental value. They're more inclined to sell their reminders of ex-girlfriends than women are. Are ladies just too soft? Perhaps we women prefer to keep hold of romantic mementos, instead of thinking how to convert them to cash. Not me. I reckon it could be immensely therapeutic to get rid of reminders from a former partner, instead of holding on to them in hope that you may eventually get back together. So come one girls, wise up.