Monday 20 December 2010

Take Every Golden Opportunity

I've never been a mystery shopper before - but I thought it would be wise to check out exactly what the Post Gold for Cash experience is really like, before I got involved with them. There have been so many cash-for-gold companies popping up lately that I wanted to be involved only with the most reputable and one which would truly give the best service to the public.

So, totally unbeknownst to the Post Gold for Cash people, I rang them up and asked for a bag to be sent to me, courtesy of a fictitious name (Rachel) and my neighbour's address. The envelope arrived the next day. Meanwhile, I rummaged around in my jewellery drawer. After all my years in television, I have amassed tons of jewellery bits and pieces. Of course most of it is not gold at all - much of it is costume jewellery. But in amongst all the chokers, bracelets, earrings and necklaces were some gold chains, silver brooches and lots and lots of single gold - even diamond earrings which had lost their twin. So I scooped them all up and sent them off in the registered envelope - took them to the post office, and waited to see how long it would be before someone rang.

I didn't wait long. Honestly - within 24 hours - a nice young man phoned me, asking for Rachel. I nearly forgot that was my pseudonym! Once I'd realised I was indeed Rachel and not Anne, I chatted to him about my treasure. It turned out that some of the gold chains were not in fact gold (I had suspected as much), but that other pieces were worth much more than I thought. I'd almost thrown them away - because, after all, what's the point of one earring, no matter how pretty? But nowadays, with gold prices at an all time high (and possibly rising), they indeed had considerable value just as melted down gold. I was offered nearly £300. But he also stressed that, if I didn't want to accept, then that was ok, too, and they would simply send my jewellery back.

Just that morning, the dishwasher had died. It seemed like it was meant to be - so I accepted his offer and now I can look upon my new dishwasher as a free gift.

It's that easy. You don't have to accept. You can ask for your stuff back, and even shop around, trying out other companies. I've done that, too. But Post Gold for Cash is fast gaining a reputation for being the best of the bunch, which is good to know. Let me know how you've fared. I do hope you're as happy as I have been!

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